At Ningxia 3.15 Program, Bairuiyuan won two awards

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Nineteenth Party Congress, create a safe and honest consumer market environment, improve the market supervision system, stimulate market vitality, and create a social governance structure for joint governance and sharing, the Party Committee Propaganda Department of the autonomous region, the Autonomous Region Administration for Industry and Commerce, The Regional Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, Ningxia Broadcasting and Television Station, Ningxia Broadcasting Media Group and other units jointly launched the “Quality Consumption—-Better Life” 2018 Ningxia 3.15 theme party was held in Yinchuan, Ningxia. Bairuiyuan won the “Industry Leader Brand of the Year” and two awards for the “Ingenuity of the Year Award”.


According to Hao Wanliang, deputy general manager of Bairuiyuan, our brand has been sitting for five consecutive years, “the leading brand in the industry” this chair. Bairuiyuan Gouqi Corp. is a full-industry-chain technology company specialized in R&D, planting, processing, marketing, and culture. In 2012, Bairuiyuan won the “China Famous Brand”; 2016, The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Government awarded the “Autonomous Region Quality Award”; in 2016, the State Ministry of Agriculture granted the “State-of-the-Art Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization”; in 2017, Bairuiyuan Sources met with the leaders of the selected BRIC countries in Xiamen to meet with the “food supply enterprise”. Since then, Bairuiyuan’s “National Banquet” has become a permanent memory in the history of Ningxia. Nowadays, the brand positioning of “Bairuiyuan goji berry, good goji can be more expensive” has become a well-known brand story and is widely praised.

The event was led by the competent department, and the media of the radio and television cooperated in a deep manner. Based on the tenet of “displaying honesty, whipping, directing consumption, and activating the market”, various forms of propaganda and reporting were used as vehicles, with the participation of the whole people and the audience as the highlights. , The use of provincial radio and television broadcasting platform for a wide range of in-depth publicity. This event will enhance service functions, fully demonstrate regulatory power, whip off shoddy enterprises, display excellent brands, talk about Ningxia’s integrity story, use positive energy, advocate healthy consumption concepts and methods, and increase consumer confidence. To play a positive role in building a civilized and harmonious consumer environment.


AQSIQ Research Group Visited Bairuiyuan

In accordance with the “Quality Improvement Years” activities of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, March 8, Ding Jizhu, first-level inspector of the Department of Science and Technology of the AQSIQ, Inspection and Quarantine of the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Jin Xia, Department of Science and Technology, AQSIQ Director of the Legal Affairs Division, Deputy Director of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Ningxia Yan Yunhai, Director of the Quality and Safety Supervision Department of Ningxia Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and his delegation were appointed by AQSIQ to carry out field research on the quality of Brilliance. Zhang Jinhong, the deputy general manager of the company, reported on the quality improvement of Brilliance and conducted a discussion and exchange study.


This survey mainly focused on the five aspects of the overall quality development level, quality and safety protection level, quality infrastructure level, quality inspection reform and innovation level and the quality improvement of the quality inspection system, combined with “zero distance in service and zero defect in quality”. Actions were carried out to guide standards, quality management, quality research, quality innovation, brand building and quality development. The purpose was to fully understand the overall situation of Brilliance’s quality and service quality, and to assist Brilliance’s quality improvement. .


The research group emphasized that 2018 is the “Quality Improvement Year of Action”. It is necessary to put quality improvement actions first, and continue to increase the brand promotion of “Bai Rui Yuan and Hao Hao”. The “price” is a good example and it will guide Ningxia to improve quality and efficiency, and make contributions to the development of the industry in Ningxia.


On the first day at work, Bairuiyuan invited expert of Ningxia Academy of Agricultural Sciences to provide advices for goji berry planting

Year plan is in spring. Warmer spring, all things recovery, it is the most exuberant season when goji berry tree bud sprouting. In 2018, Bairuiyuan will focus on the brand strategic positioning of “Bairuiyuan goji berry, good quality can be more expensive” to strengthen the supply chain management and expand the business ecosystem as the central task. How to achieve “good quality goji berry”, the base planting as the front end of the supply chain is particularly important.


In order to implement the company’s central mission, on the 24th of February, just after the Spring Festival, the three bases of Bairuiyuan were busy to begin their work. On the first day at work, Bairuiyuan invited Qin Ken, an expert from Ningxia Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and his chief in charge of forestry department of the district and county to walk into the planting base of goji berry, base spring pruning plan and on-site guidance.


Goji berry tree after three months of winter rest, the spring began to release energy, March goji tree pruning, directly related to the June of the goji tree light, ventilation, nutrition distribution and other needs, determines the quality of goji berry.

Dr. Cao Yong, director of the National Goji Berry Engineering Center, introduced goji berry spring dormancy in March pruning, the main purpose is through the tree skeleton and the results of the mother’s position and the number of adjustments for June branches, leaves, flowers, fruit to fully sunshine, set a good framework for the production of “good goji berry” and lay a solid foundation. Popular point, the production of good goji berry stems from the year, from the planning of the entire production process, commonplace wolfberry plastic trim the introduction of science and quality concepts, will directly affect the goji berry fruit “temperament” and “connotation.”


Based on the general goal of limiting production, improving quality and technological connotation, Bairuiyuan will further strengthen summer pruning on the basis of dormant pruning. Based on the natural conditions of each base, it will scientifically set targets and basically complete the existing tree base. The skeletal crown structure culture provides a good foundation for the post-cultivation management and the production of high quality oysters.


In order to grow good goji berry, Bairuiyuan begins a tense and busy work. As early as 2010, we pioneered the concept of “good goji berry from planting” in the industry and built the workshop in the field to avoid secondary pollution during transportation.


In 2013, it built a five-in-one industrial chain model of R&D, base planting, production and processing, marketing, and cultural tourism, and created the “safety from the field to the tip of the tongue”.

It is believed that through the on-site program development and teaching of the experts of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the responsible persons of the forestry authorities, on-site demonstrations and technical guidance, in 2018, through the enhancement of the supply chain management, Bairuiyuan can produce much good goji berry.


Tmall domestic products best goods: Bairuiyuan goji berry, handed the world a “red card”

Speaking of Ningxia, will be reminded of the vast desert, the winding Yellow River, numerous wetland lakes, thick Hui ethnic customs, a long history and culture, etc., known as “plug on the South” famous in China. Of course, the most popular thing is Ningxia goji berry.


Goji berry, which is often mentioned by many people, has been inherited by our ancestors for more than 4,000 years and has been used by the royal family for health. Its health-preserving formula goes without saying. As early as in “Sheng Nong’s herbal classic” there will be recorded: “goji berry long service, can strong bones, resistant to cold and heat, relieve body.”


If you are very busy in daily life but still remember to remind yourself eating goji berry, it’s enough to see the health benefits of goji berry in our minds, eating goji berry no longer is “old age”thing.

On the 1,000 years of goji berry cultivation edible history, Ningxia goji berry, with more than 600 years of goji berry cultivation history, the unique climate characteristics, geographical location and soil conditions and other factors, has also become the only Chinese herbal medicines included in the Chinese goji berry varieties. Ningxia goji berry is rich in high medicinal value, and the Ganoderma lucidum, Changbai Mountain ginseng and East donkey-hide gelatin become “four treasures”, Ningxia therefore also known as the “hometown of Chinese goji berry.” The generations of goji berry farmers live in this land. A group of people, all their lives, work hard for a good goji and transmit the endless “red energy” to the outside world with wisdom and sweat.

In the Chinese year approaching, Tmall domestic products have a good taste of the event as a result of the ceremony, starting from the daily life of the public use of domestic products, really concise and heritage of domestic culture, to tell the great hidden in the city of Chinese culture and culture under the brand of domestic goods. In this activity, through Tmall live platform, Bairuiyuan goji berry invited National Goji berry Engineering Research Center, Dr. Cao Youlong came to known as the “Millennium Medlar Treasures,” the Chinese Goji berry Museum, to the vast number of users about Ningxia goji berry past and present, and follow the live shot together to explore the mystery of the millennium goji health culture. Of course, participate in live interactive, there are crazy red envelopes and authentic Ningxia goji berry collar free! The so-called domestic products not only need to carry forward the essence of traditional culture, but also bring good conscience products of good quality to the public. Tmall domestic goods have a good taste of the goods held the opening ceremony, is to enable consumers to deeply feel the genuine charm of the domestic brand. Bairuiyuan goji berry is the birthplace of thousands of years of goji berry health culture, but also the advocate of fashion and concept of health, or the authentic Ningxia goji berry national brand model, it is handed to the world a “red card”!


Nineteen major hot events of Bairuiyuan Gouqi Corp, 2017

Just in the past 2017, what happened in Ningxia goji berry leading brand—-Bairuiyuan, what good news harvested, and will lead the Ningxia goji berry industry to a new level. Through the 19 memorabilia of 2017, we challenge to 2018 new heights.


01【Keywords】 local standards introduced

On February 12, 2017, organized by Ningxia Food Testing Center, Bairuiyuan as Ningxia goji berry food safety local standard jury members involved in the formulation of “food safety local standard goji berry” on June 1, 2017 came into effect.

02 【Keywords】 China Agricultural Innovation Brand Award

On February 26, 2017 China’s Edible Homer, Farmer and Merchant Annual Meeting (“China’s 3 Biggest Annual Meeting”), Bairuiyuan won the first “China Agricultural Innovation Brand Award 2017” in the Chinese goji berry industry.

03 【Keywords】 golden calf award

Since March 4, 2017, Bairuiyuan together with the 26th Times Golden Calf Award started from Tsinghua University, one after another into 22 colleges and universities in Hubei, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Macao and Hong Kong, Students share the “Bairuiyuan goji berry, good goji berry can be a little more expensive” brand story.

04 【Keywords】 Chinese goji berry industry leading brand

On March 15, 2017, on the day of Consumer Rights and Interests, Bairuiyuan became the only company in Ningxia goji berry industry to win the title of “Leading Brand in Chinese goji berry Industry” and won the honor of four sessions.

05 【Keywords】 Autonomous Region Labor Day Awards

On April 25, 2017, in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region celebrating May Day International Labor Day Awards, Chairman Xian Hui presented “Autonomous May 1 Labor Certificates” to Mr. Hao Xiangfeng, Chairman of Bairuiyuan.

06 【Keywords】 “Excellent Talents” honorary title

On May 18, 2017, the party committee and government of the autonomous region decided to award honorary titles such as “Excellent Talents” to 19 gay Autonomous Regions including Mr. Hao Xiangfeng, Chairman of Bairuiyuan.

07 【Keywords】 Bairuiyuan hope primary schools listed

On June 1, 2017, in order to help the immigrant village get out of poverty as soon as possible, Bairuiyuan United Nations Yuan Securities listed on the “Bairuiyuan Hope Primary School” at Dahe Central Primary School, Dahe Township, Hongsipu District, Ningxia. On the same day, “Bairuiyuan love shack”listed in Zhongning County.

08 【Keywords】 national mainstream media interview group

On July 20, 2017, the People’s Daily, the Central Broadcasting Network and other mainstream media interviews went to Bairuiyuan to report on the “Five in One” whole-industry chain model of Bairuiyuan and drive cases of farmers planting wolfberry to get rid of poverty.

09 【Keywords】Ningxia well-known agricultural enterprises brand

August 22, 2017, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region from the Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry to the Bairuiyuan Gouqi Corp awarded “Ningxia well-known agricultural enterprises brand.”

10 【Keywords】Ningxia brand-name products

On the afternoon of August 28, 2017, Wang Heshan, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region Government, presented “Ningxia Top Brand Products” to Bairuiyuan on the “2017 Quality Work Conference”.

11 【Keywords】 Bairuiyuan Goji Berry Appeared on 2017 Bricks Leaders Banquet

On September 4, 2017, at the ninth banquet hosted by the BRICS leaders in Xiamen, Bai ruiyuan goji berry became the only Chinese goji berry brand in the Chinese goji berry industry to honor the banquet table. On October 16, the BRICS leader Xiamen Meeting Group sent a letter of thanks to Bairuiyuan for “extraordinary significance.”

12 【Keywords】The fifteenth session of the Agricultural Products Gold Award

On February 12, 2017, organized by Ningxia Food Testing Center, Bairuiyuan as Ningxia goji berry food safety local standard jury members involved in the formulation of “food safety local standard goji berry” on June 1, 2017 came into effect.

13 【Keywords】 golden wheat quality award

On September 25, 2017, on “Oscars” of the E-commerce Industry—-golden wheat quality award ceremony, Bairuiyuan won the “golden wheat quality award” medicine and health products category awards.

14 【Keywords】”sing to you” about goji berry story

From October 18 to October 20, 2017, Mr. Hao Xiangfeng, Chairman of Bairuiyuan, and Ms. Hao Xiaoqin, General Manager, were invited to go to “CCTV4” for “Farmers to Get Out of Poverty” Record the scene, tell a story behind a good goji berry.

15 【Keywords】 Shi Taifeng visited Bairuiyuan Gouqi Corp.

On November 23, 2017, Shi Taifeng, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the NPC Standing Committee of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, visited and investigated the achievements of Bairuiyuan, accompanied by Jiang Zhigang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the autonomous region, Zhang Chaochao, standing member of the Party Committee and executive vice chairman of the autonomous region, accompanied by Ji Zheng, Co., Ltd.

16 【Keywords】 dominate the sales champion of goji berry

On November 11st, 2017, Bairuiyuan goji berry sales 16 million RMB, once again become the first of the entire network sales of Chinese goji berry brand.

17 【Keywords】 export tax rebate

On November 7, 2017, Ningxia first overseas tourists shopping departure tax rebate business successfully handled. Bairuiyuan Ningxia goji berry industry as the only one with tax rebate eligible enterprises to achieve Ningxia first tax rebate business.

18 【Keywords】 State Council quality work assessment team

On the afternoon of December 20, 2017, the State Council Quality Work Assessment Team and his entourage investigated and researched the quality and safety work of Bairuiyuan accompanied by leaders of Regional Bureau of Quality Supervision, including Luo Wanli and Director Pan Duojun. Through the construction of product quality traceability system, To create the safety of the tongue to the field, has been fully affirmed and highly praised research group and his party.

19 【Keywords】 Ministry of Agriculture typical case

On December 18, 2017, Bairuiyuan was selected as the typical representative of the Ministry of Agriculture due to its strong brand and exemplary motivation. Bairuiyuan, as the only typical representative of “one company, one industry” in the Chinese goji berry industry, was selected.


Bairuiyuan 2018 New Year Fitness Run is Popular in Yinchuan

Abstract: On January 1 of the New Year’s Day, Bairuiyuan welcomed the New Year’s jogging activity. Bairuiyuan’s “Hundred-person Fitness Team” and the over 5,000 fitness enthusiasts from all industries in Yinchuan met with sunrise, toward to the New Year.


In 2018, the first sunrise of the morning summoned a brand new beginning. On January, the first day of the New Year, Bairuiyuan welcomed the New Year fitness running activities. Bairuiyuan’s “Hundred-person Fitness League” and the 5,000-plus fitness enthusiasts from all industries in Yinchuan, towards the new year Bairuiyuan team led by Mr. Hao Xiangfeng, Chairman of Bairuiyuan, and Ms. Hao Xiaoqin, General Manager of Bairuiyuan, led the fitness enthusiasts to run the entire 10 km along with the red banner. With practical actions, they advocated the national physical exercise and goji berry health culture.


Bairuiyuan as a goji health pioneer, run together with Yinchuan 5000 fitness enthusiasts. The whole theme of jogging is “Chinese goji berry, Chinese gift”, along the way to maintain good health advocacy.


For this event, Mr. Hao Xiangfeng said that goji berry as a pillar industry of Ningxia, has hundreds of thousands of farmers in the upper reaches of the goji berry industry and consumers who are keen on health care in the downstream. Farmers grow rich because of the cultivation of goji berry, people eat it due to the health and longevity. Bairuiyuan through fitness running, advocate the whole nation not only to focus on physical exercise, but also pay attention to daily health. Ningxia goji berry as the most commonly used people nourishing supplements, we hope everyone in the daily work and life study, eat goji berry can help their health, so as to achieve every day health, through this event is also wishing 2018, everyone can be healthy.


Celebrate the national “Sanitation workers Day”, Bairuiyuan make donation to charity

On the afternoon of October 25, in order to celebrate the coming of “Sanitation Workers Day” in China and implement the development concept of “green, high-end, harmonious and livable” in Yinchuan City, Bairuiyuan Gouqi Corp. and Yinchuan City Communist Youth League, City Administration jointly carry out “thank you, city beautician” sanitation section theme volunteer activities, Bairuiyuan as the only love enterprise of Yinchuan, with practical actions, practice social responsibility, thanks for sanitation workers for the construction of a beautiful Yinchuan.


During the activity, Bairuiyuan sent rice, flour, edible oil and other gifts to sanitation workers. At the same time, volunteers were organized to go deep into the sanitation workers’ posts and experienced the hard work of “city beautician”, appealing to more Yinchuan people “take good care of the environment from myself”.

Xie Ci, the Labour Union chairman of Bairuiyuan, he said that while Bairuiyuan’s 14-year history has been growing and strengthening its brand name, has been making progress in harmony with the society and making progress with the times. It has actively participated in social welfare undertakings and has taken the social responsibility many times participate in donations to aid students, helping the poor and other activities, has donated 10 million yuan to the community. In this activity, Bairuiyuan people lead by example, not only condone the difficult sanitation workers, but also call on all walks of life to start from them, care for the environment, advocate the public to respect the labor results of sanitation workers, and make contributions to building a beautiful Yinchuan.


Bairuiyuan Gouqi Group’s Chairman Mr.Hao Xiangfeng was Invited to CCTV4 Program Recording Site

From October 18 to October 20, the chairman of Bairuiyuan Mr. Hao Xiangfeng and Mrs. Hao Xiaoqin, were invited to CCTV4 Chinese international channel program recording site to tell the story which behind good goji berry. They rooted in Ningxia goji berry for fifteen years, leading the Ningxia goji berry from crisis to now popular in China. They told their no regrets stick with the hard work behind the story, in which young singer Wang Li sang an affectionate song at the recording site, expressing deep respect for the two goji berry people.

This is after CCTV4 film crew and Wang Li came to our goji berry base, they invited chairman of the Bairuiyuan Mr. Hao Xiangfeng and Mrs. Hao Xiaoqin into the studio recording program.

From October 6 to October 10, CCTV “sing to you” team with the national level actor, young soprano Wang Li walked into Ningxia, came to Bairuiyuan Gouqi Corp. In the accompanied by Mr. Hao Xiangfeng, she learned in details about the “Five in One” industrial chain model of Bairuiyuan, which includes research, development, planting, marketing and culture. She also went deep into the planting base and processing workshop, experienced the touching story behind “A Good goji berry” and knew the effect of increasing the income of the goji berry industry for farmers, boosting agriculture and boosting the rural environment under the guidance of Bairuiyuan.

On the morning of October 6, the film crew arrived in Yinchuan and went straight to the Hongsipu Base to photograph Bairuiyuan planted goji berry in the desert, turning the former desert into an oasis and driving farmers in local area to get rid of poverty. On the afternoon of October 8, Wang Li and the film crew braved the drizzle and walked into the planting base of Helan Mountain, experiencing the picking of goji berry. She said: “Granules are hard, grains are rare .Goji berry is very healthy, we always sing, so I insisted on eating Ningxia goji berry, the effect is very good. Today for the first time to see fresh goji, it tastes great, I will recommend Ningxia goji berry to more friends.

Wang Li came to HQ of Bairuiyuan , went into home of Yang Xiaoning, Wang Chunxia home, which located in Huaxi Village. Seeing the new brick house, clean and spacious living room, bedroom, large TV and their car,  she praised repeatedly. Yang Xiaoning told Wang Li that their family relocated here from Xiji immigrants five years ago and then went to work at Bairuiyuan Goji Berry Base to earn a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan to meet the two children’s schooling and family expenses. Now their life is getting better and better, thanks to the policy of enriching the people and thanks to the employment opportunities provided by Bairuiyuan. Nowadays, more than 100 of them work in the Bairuiyuan goji berry base every year and they feel very happy.

“Sing to you” This time came into Ningxia, is the site investigation and study, focus on the most unique Ningxia goji berry industry in our region, the story of the protagonist is chosen to plug the region’s elite, national model workers, Bairuiyuan’s creator Mr. Hao Xiangfeng. By then, Hao Xiangfeng and Wang Li walked into the CCTV studio to tell the world about Ningxia goji berry and Bairuiyuan’s brand story.

It is understood that “singing to you” is a large-scale original documentary genre music program, created by CCTV, will be launched in late 2017 CCTV Chinese International Channel. Famous domestic singers, musicians and entertainers will play the role of “Star singer”, go deep into life, go to the scene of touching stories to collect songs on the spot, eat and dwell with the common people, work with the work, and experience the texture of life. At the same time, Inspired by the story and inspiration, the stars returned to the Beijing studio, the people wrote the story into a beautiful song, one by one to sing to the story of the hero to sing on CCTV’s stage for ordinary people’s life story. Eventually, there will be a star sung to ordinary people, “sing to you” music grand debut. “Sing to you” is concerned about the object, is the background of the small people, it’s an unusual person in ordinary life. In the program, celebrities will incarnate as ordinary people, use their subjective perspective and close experience to perceive the emotions and dreams of these people with mental powers, and in their own special way bring the audience a the power of music to perceive China.


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